About Red Mobile Postpaid
  1. What is RED Mobile Postpaid?

    red Mobile Postpaid is a postpaid plan that offers UNLIMITED red to red calls and texts. Plus, it also comes with FREE 300 texts to ALL networks (SMART, Talk 'N Text, Globe, Touch Mobile, SUN). All for only P300 per month!

  2. What are the available Plans for RED Mobile Postpaid

    Currently, there is only one Plan for red Mobile Postpaid: Plan 300. The Plan includes the following:

    RED Mobile Postpaid Plan
    Monthly Service Fee P300.00
    red to red Unlimited
    red to red Unlimited
    red to other Networks
    SMART/Talk 'N Text/Globe/Touch Mobile/SUN
    FREE 300 texts
    Bill-on-top/credit limit on top of your monthly plan. P100.00
    * The Bill-on-Top may be used for the following transactions:
    • Voice calls to other networks (SMART/Talk 'N Text/Globe/Touch Mobile/SUN)
    • Additional texts in excess of the FREE 300 texts
    • International Services (IDD, International Text)
  3. How much do calls and texts to other networks cost?

    Below are the rates for calls and texts to other networks (outside the Plan):

    Transaction Type Rates/ Units
        > red to red Unlimited
        > red to SMART 2.00
        > red to other Mobile Calls 6.50
        > red IDD $.40
        > red to red Unlimited
        > red to SMART .50
        > red to other Mobile texts 1.00
        > red International text 15.00
  4. Does the red Mobile Postpaid Plan come with a free handset?

    You may choose from the wide array of available handsets bundled with a red Mobile Postpaid Plan sold by the authorized distributors. Handset models may vary per distributor and would have to be purchased on top of the red Mobile Postpaid Plan.

    The red Mobile Postpaid Plan may also be availed as SIM only.

  5. Is there a lock-in period?

    Yes, you shall be required to subscribe for a six (6)-month minimum contract period, commencing at the date of activation of services. Should you choose to preterminate or cancel the Service within six (6) months, you shall be required to pay the applicable pretermination fee.

Application Process
  1. Where can I apply for a red Mobile Postpaid Plan

    You may apply for a red Mobile Postpaid Plan through the red Mobile Postpaid-authorized distributors. To know the location of the nearest authorized distributor, please click here.

  2. How do I apply for a red Mobile Postpaid Plan? What are the requirements for application?

    It's so easy to apply for a red Mobile Postpaid Plan! Simply submit the following requirements:

    • red Mobile Postpaid Service Application Form (available at the authorized distributors)
    • One (1) Valid ID example: SSS ID, TIN ID, Passport, or Driver's License

    Then just pay the initial Monthly Service Fee of P300.00 and you will already receive your red Mobile Postpaid SIM.

    Service activation is within 24 hours once you get your SIM.

Billing and Payments
  1. Where can I pay my monthly bills?

    red Mobile Postpaid bills may be paid through banks and accredited payment centers. View the list of banks and payment centers.

    Posting of payments made through banks, ATMs, internet banking, phonebanking and accredited payment centers is on the next business day, subject to applicable cut-off schedule.

    To ensure correct posting of payments made through our accredited payment facilities, verify the details indicated in the payment stub or machine validation before leaving the counter.

    For check payments, please make check payable to Smart Communications, Inc.


  2. Will I receive a billing statement?

    You will receive a Bill Reminder through text on your red Mobile Postpaid Number at regular intervals before and on the due date of your red Mobile Postpaid account.

    The Bill Reminder contains your account number, the amount due (Monthly Service Fee plus other charges, if applicable) and the due date of your account.

    You may also check your billing statement through Web Connect.

After Sales and Customer Service
  1. Where can I go or what number can I call if I need to contact Customer Service?
  2. For handset-related concerns, you may contact the authorized distributor where the unit was purchased. Please click here for the directory of the red Mobile Postpaid-authorized distributors.

    For other inquiries and after sales concerns, you may call the red Mobile Postpaid Hotline at *999 (toll-free via your red Mobile Postpaid Phone) or 924-9999 (via landline).